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      three toothpick paper folding machine are in production

      2021/7/22      view:

      Introduction for Cigarette paper folding machine 

      This machine is used to produce a special extraction transparent toothpick 

      paper, the finished product is one by one, when you draw out the upper paper, 

      the next one will appear. The machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation

       motor control, automatic folding function.

      Contact Information 

      Contact Person:Zoe
      Telephone: +86-13559377117
      Tel/Fax: +86-595-22861356 
      Website: www.noircissant.com/English/;www.balloonmachine1.com
      Add: No.22 Chuangzao Road, Photoelectric Information Industry Base, Nanan City,Fujian Province,China


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