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      Transparent film 3 D packaging machine

      2021/8/7      view:

      Product Description 

      TF-2000A transfer tower packaging machine, suitable for cosmetics, health products and 

      transparent film packaging of similar items.

      The packaging machine is made with environmentally friendly OPP or BOPP film .General 

      equipment for 3 D packaging. Suitable for drug/ food/cosmetics / tea / health products / 

      fragrance of various specifications Smoke/ poker / VCD and other products outer box transparent 

      film packaging, with transparent film three-dimensional packaging

      Four benefits:

      1.seal is moisture / dustproof.

      2.Demolition is easy, as long as the pull line (easy to pull line) to one week.

      3.Anti-counterfeiting, can be printed on the pull line or trademark logo to identify authenticity and authenticity.

      4.After packaging can improve product quality culture / improve product added value / improve grade and decoration quality.


      Final Product

      Contact Information

      Telephone: +86-13559377117

      Tel/Fax: +86-595-22861356


      Website: www.noircissant.com/English/;www.balloonmachine1.com

      Add: No.22 Chuangzao Road, Photoelectric Information Industry Base, Nanan City,Fujian Province,China


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