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      our customer had installed the smoking rolling papers making machine by himself ,he is clever

      2022/4/18      view:
      In the past three years, due to the new crown epidemic, it is not easy for our technicians to go abroad to install and train customers to use the cigarette paper machine.

      In this case, our customers successfully installed the hand rolling cigarette paper folding machine  and put it into operation under the guidance of the technicians according to the installation instructions of the tobacco rolling paper machine and the online video with the technicians

      Production Description

      *The Cigarette paper machine is suitable for folding forming of cigarette hand rolling paper .

      *The motor is controlled by frequency conversion, and the speed regulation is stable.

      *Smoking paper machine can adjust the folding position according to the different size of paper.

      *The cutting knife adopts the imported blade, and the end face of the split-cut is flat.

      *The machine has an automatic counting function.

      *Wireless remote control starting and stopping point function.


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